Performance in Rome


Eleven artists and illustrators were asked to contribute a letter of the alphabet each to an artwork celebrating Dr. Phil Shaw – spelling out his name – every work was to be within a 10 cm sq area.  To decide who was going to do which letter, we pulled them out of a hat, it happened that […]

Camping in the Bois de Boulogne (Paris)


Down the road from the camping site next to the Seine is the Fondation Louis Vuitton.  Stopped on the way to Porte Maillot.  Here are chauffeurs with their tinted window limousines, waiting.  Looked at the art inside before going onto the Velazquez exhibition at the Grand Palais with Chris Najman and Bolan Chen.  This Frank […]

Plea For a Pear Tree


Development Planning City of Westminster Westminster City Hall 64 Victoria Street London SW1E 6QP I object to the application for the removal of the Pear Tree in the back garden of 37 Newton Road, W2 5JR. I love this Pear Tree; every morning I look at it from out of the window to see how […]

Identity Parade


Getting to know you From the beginning, long before I started making portraits of Fernando Pessoa, critics have been saying that my work looks as though it has been painted by a number of different artists. Although personally I never find a problem with the concept of working in a diversity of idiom, it is […]

Warping in Lisbon

Stills from the film, Warping on Water, repainted for exhibition at Fabrica in Lisbon Sept 4. - 28. 2013

Warping on Water, our film about Istanbul is going to Fabrica in Lisbon. I am taking painted stills from the film (dubbed photos) remade specially for show, 31 pictures painted on two continuous rolls of photographic paper, 6 m & 8 m in length.   You can see it here